5 minutes with… Judith Powell, of Card Factory

Zhong Lei

Every year, around 13 million Valentine’s Day cards are sold in the UK. It is a tradition for British people to buy beautiful flowers, chocolates and cards for their loved ones. The lovely, delicate Valentine’s card reminds you that you are loved and warms your heart. Ms Judith Powell, the manager of card factory in Cardiff talks to us about the card industry in this special moment.

5 minutes

Traditional Valentine’s Day card

The Archer: Are there still a lot of people buying and sending cards to each other nowadays?

Judith Powell: Yes, of course. It is a strongly embedded culture for British people to send cards to each other, not only on Valentine’s Day, but also on all the other holidays. We are very busy these days. People come, pick up their gifts, consult and queue to pay. The shop is crowded. The hot products are sold out quickly.

T. A: What does a love or greeting card mean to a person, compared to flowers, chocolates or a meal?

J. P: Well a Valentine’s Day card is special. Flowers do fade but the words on the card would never disappear. Handwritings are precious these days as people all use emails. Some people are just not good at expressing their love through oral words. A card can help you speak out what you want to say and give a surprise to your love. With a personal touch, a card can add a little more sunshine in someone’s life.

T. A: Now we can make and send e-cards to our loved ones through emails, phones and apps. Some people think it is cheaper and more eco-friendly. What do you think?

J. P: Maybe the young prefer that, especially those who are good at designing and have excellent computer skills. But there are still many people like to keep the old tradition. Now we also have personalised cards which you can put your own pictures. Of course, we encourage people to save resources by recycling.

5 minute

The Card Factory in Cardiff city centre


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