Manchester against Madrid: the meeting of giants

Nicholas Li

Manchester vs Madrid

Manchester vs Madrid

Yesterday in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, the world’s two best clubs met each other in the UEFA Champions league. This is the match that whole world are waiting for, the real clash of titans. Ryan Giggs, the most famous welsh player is 40 years old already but he still plays for Manchester. The match yesterday was his 150 times played for Manchester in UEFA champion’s league.

“It’s really exciting to watch this game. Since last time they met it was 10 years ago. It’s good to watch. I like both of them, but I hope “the red devils” could win.” Cameron, a fan of Manchester United said.

At the first 20 minutes, the attack from Real Madrid was fierce. But they couldn’t break the deadlock. It was Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck who scored first. But 10 minutes later Real Madrid got one goal by the contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo. The match stayed in 1-1 to the end.

Manchester United was served with four yellow cards during the match.

“I can’t believe the first goal by Welbeck. Rooney and Van Persie even didn’t get any chance to shoot. But the second goal from Ronaldo is amazing. It’s quite wonderful for both the teams to score only in 30 minutes.” Owen Li, who has joined an amateur football team in Cardiff University, said.

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t celebrate after he scored. He claimed that what he did was showing his respect to Manchester United because Manchester is the place he got everything. He grew up there; he gained wealth, reputation, skills when he was a child.

“These two teams are the symbols of Spanish football and English football. They have the best coaches, Ferguson and Mourinho, best players, this could be classic. They got 1-1 in the first leg. It should be much more fun and expectation to watch next leg in March. What a shame it’s not the final. They met so early with each other.” Kevin Xue, Owen’s teammate said after the match.

After the match, Ronaldo went to Sir Ferguson and gave him a hug. Then he went the dressing room of Manchester and had a talk to his former teammates. Ferguson was not surprised about the amazing goal Ronaldo had scored. He even compared him with Lionel Messi, the Barcelona player; he said obviously Messi couldn’t do such spring like that.

Mourinho, the boss of Real Madrid states that it’s hard to predict who will go further. Each team has 50% chance to win the second leg. He is looking forward for the next match because everything will be open then. He’s confidence about his team could do something in Old Trafford.

Giggs spent his whole career with Manchester United. Each season he has scored for the Red Devils for almost two decades now. When he replaced Shinji Kagawa in the second half, all the people in Bernabéu gave him applaud no matter they are fans of Manchester of Madrid.

“It is a milestone. For Ryan Giggs, he’s a legend. He’s one of the greatest players in the history of Manchester United. I like him not only because his speed and skills, but also because his loyalty.” Peter Patze, a football fan from Germany said. ‘‘He never left Manchester, he never left Wales even though he can choose England to go further.’’

Sir Ferguson states that he is pleased about the team after the match. The condition was good for his team because the away goal they had. He also spoke highly of the goalkeeper, David de Gea. He said David at least made three or four top saves.

The second round of these two king’s duel will be on 5th, March. The winner will become the last 8 to fight for the champion.


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