‘Temper Temper’ – Review of the week

Pedro Rodrigues

A bullet through my Valentine

Metalcore is facing extinction, but some bands just need a reality check. With the hands right through the heart, we prepared to take a listen to the 4th studio work of the Welsh band on Valentine’s Day. It truly struck us like a bullet.

Image courtesy: rocktransmission.com

If you are one of those late gift buyers and you are starting to panic over what to give to your best half, think twice before handing them this poisoned bullet by accident. In spite of the name, there’s nothing sweet in the destruction path that the Welsh quartet have been leaving behind since 2005.

Hailing from Bridgend, Wales, with a vast horde of hallow and sulky teenagers as loyal minions, Bullet for my Valentine are arguably the most successful British metal band of their generation. Three albums and a dozen of worthy international achievements later we reach “Temper Temper” – One “Screw this, let’s have some fun guys” shout to the world from a band that clearly stopped caring about their creativity after two long years of road, leisure and beer bellies.

Even if Matt Tuck and company tried to drift away from the old sound, creating more simple and ballsy jumping tunes, the same shaky formula remains – two guitars driving their way through a screeching pantomime of screamed verses until we reach the holy mountain – A shining chorus full of melody and sing-along winks.

As far as the lyrics are concerned, Matt Tuck remains the same greasy boy; presenting a wide range of lyricism topics that go from crashing parties to being dead to the world in one slip of the needle.

All in all, the new LP is no more than a recycle of the same old riffs, breakdowns or ideas.  It is likable that it won’t do anything for your vibe except a slight rhythmic nod, even if you are the most enthusiastic of the head bangers. “Temper Temper” appears today as fresh as Valentine’s Day: A sneeze in the midst of anti-capitalism propaganda.

Image courtesy: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MM6mhHYD9Tc/UI7rEDma94I/AAAAAAAAIGU/


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