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Valentine’s day, February 14th, holds special meaning for everyone. A day to cherish every relationship and convey love to one and all. This edition of The Archer is dedicated to this celebration of love, which we feel is essential in today’s everyday humdrum life.

In our rush to make it big, verbal communication is being replaced by text messages and family gatherings are becoming rare. Somewhere, we have lost the time to actually discuss and make meaning as we get caught in rambling nothings-and-everythings. There is need to talk and give a hearing to those who are screaming in silence, otherwise it might be too late and in their silent struggle they might harm someone. We wake up to find an increase in rape and abuse cases all over the world- be it Jimmy Savile or the Delhi, India gang rape. We may not realise it, but our friendly communication might be the highlight of an individual’s day.

At times, suddenly, the pillar of support of many fall and they too, would require our help. Instead of thinking of our loss, sometimes maybe we just need to reach out to the one who always helped us and listen to them for a change. Pope Benedict’s resignation shook us all and was followed by heavy criticism from many groups. Whether his decision was right or wrong, we just need to lend him an ear and think of a way to make things better instead of adding on to his woes.

This Valentine’s Day, Team Archer has just one message for our readers. Let’s communicate more, let us be more open and welcoming to our near and dear ones. When someone screams, let us not be hostile but patiently listen to their talk and try to make a difference.

Shruti Kedia

News Editor
Yun Jie Zou

Chief Sub Editor
Yuou Chen

Visual Editor
Lei Zhong

Morgane Kimmich, Tymoteusz Chajdas, Shruti Kedia, Nicholas Li, Pedro Rodrigues

Feiyi Lin, Chris Scott, Coralie N’Ch


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