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The club card TV in Tesco: benefit to card holders

 Nicholas Li

Club card TV

Club card TV, image courtesy:

The biggest supermarket in Britain Tesco is trying to improve its service to customers by trailing on a new technic called club card TV. All the club card holders of Tesco can use their cards to access this system and enjoy free movies and shows online.

Daniel, a stuff of the Tesco Metro in Cardiff, said ‘‘What I know is it’s still on the testing stage, which is tested by our own employees. I’m not sure when that could be done but this year, maybe spring, it should work.’’

This service will be free to everyone. Even for those people who don’t have a Tesco club card they can register online for free to become a member of Tesco. The purpose of Tesco is trying to maintain the loyalty of customers and gain more and more new members.

There are some similar services from the rivals of Tesco. The huge different is Tesco would make this service without any fees for the customers.

The movies and shows provided by Tesco are full of multiple choices.

Jonathan Doran, an analyst states that the market is already so crowd with a large competition. Whether Tesco could success or not is depend on how’s the quality of the content they provide.


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