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On my way home yesterday evening, I walked by a group of people leading a rather scary prayer against abortion. About twelve middle-aged people (ok, mostly eldery) formed a circle under the grey Cardiff skies of St-Mary Street, murmuring messages to their God. I stood freezing in the dark listening to them begging their idol to put an end to the evil of abortion. It was eerie.

I wish I had asked them: Does your God always stands in the way of change? I mean, they do realise that according to them, God is against virtually everything in society, don’t they? Or do they just think they can use God to back up their own beliefs?

These past months we have seen believers use God to argue their case against gay marriage, trying to convince the public homosexual activity is contrary to God’s will. Seriously, does that make anyone think “oh wait, I hadn’t seen it this way, but now that you say it I might revise my judgment”? Invoking God’s hypothetical inclinations is not an answer and definitely not an argument.

The hypocrisy is also galling, these cafeteria church goers who seemingly pick and choose which parts of their religion they will follow. Pre-marital Sex? Mmmh… Gay rights? No way. Abortion? Evil.

But it is not only believers who are to blame for this ridiculous lack of common sense. Debates around gay marriage opened the door to unbelievable opinions. One of the most hilarious ideas was that it would get people excited about incest, paedophilia or beastiality.

Of course it would.

Less shocking but just as stupid, was the widely spread belief that legalizing same-sex relationships would actually make straight people turn gay. This idiotic way of thinking is also adopted in the discourse against abortion. They claim making abortion a right would make more women use abortion as contraception.

Of course they would.

Instead of taking a pill, I think I will consider the idea of going through a painful and psychologically troubling operation. Right, that sounds easier. Do you really imagine a lot of women wouldn’t care going through all that and would choose abortion as the easy way out?

And no, even though it fits the narrative, a foetus is not a baby yet. And abortion is not murder. Taking the decision to have an abortion seems difficult enough; women don’t need to have other people increase their guilt.

There is something we all agree on. Having a baby is not a game. Of course a woman should act in a responsible way. But sometimes the responsible decision is abortion.

A woman is the only person in a position to make a choice about her own body. Personnaly I find it unacceptable for anyone to tell me whether it is time for me to become a mum.

And I find it revolting that people don’t think about victims of rape, because yes, some find themselves pregnant. Ask any of these anti-abortion religious freaks to deal with a situation like that. I am pretty sure they wouldn’t take it as a gift from God.

People really need to start revising their opinions and prove they have some common sense. Religious beliefs are not an excuse. It is time for people to accept the changes in modern society.

Coralie N’Ch

News Editor
Chris Scott

Chief Sub Editor 
Nicholas Lee

Visual Editor
Tymoteusz Chajdas

Yuou Chen, Morgane Kimmich, Feiyi Lin

Pedro Rodrigues, Shruti Kedia, Lei Zhong


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