Active Travel Bill hoping to boost cycling and walking

Yun Jie Zou


Welsh Government boost Active Travel bill which promotes popularity of cycling and walking but road condition would be a main concern.

In order to prevent accidents such as riding too fast or cyclists breaking traffic rules, training classes are offered to mainly school children and also provided to adults by the Road Safety Team in Cardiff Council.

Cardiff Council Road Safety Team explained:” Cycling is one of the cheapest, healthiest ways of getting to work and it can considerably reduce your carbon footprint.”

“Cyclists should follow the Highway Code” which enlists all the traffic rules should obey, the team added.

The bill, which is introduced by Welsh Government, is aimed to make cycling and walking easier and more popular as a way of commute. As the bill is brought up, local councils are urged to integrate important routes and increase the road quality continuously.

Cardiff Council Road Safety Team stated that they are “in co-operation with Highway Maintenance Team, which will take care of the bad road conditions.”

Mr. Tucker, Cardiff, expressed his doubt about the government’s promotion of cycling “Potentially, it is a good way to commute by bicycles, if the road safety increases.”

The road condition is described as “quite poor, as cyclists should ride on the edges but there is the places where the holes are. It is really dangerous. The traffic condition is good, but the road really need to be maintained properly.”

A student, Hughes, also possesses the same attitude” the road conditions depends on where you are, if you are in the city, it is better.” He also approves that cycling is a good way to commute” I ride it everyday.”

The reason why Welsh government launched this law is because of the intention to help Welsh people to be healthier, more active and more environmental friendly. The other reason is due to more than a million people in Wales could struggle to afford the costs of running a car and face the threat of being cut off from jobs, healthcare, shops and schools

The final decision of the bill will be made in May 22, 2013.

Active Travel bill is claimed to have the potential to be the most effective way to increase people’s health in Wales, as Wales has the highest rate of obesity.

At the end of January, 2013, a bill targeted to charge more sugar tax in soft drinks is considered to be a way to fight children’s obesity as well. This bill is backed up by more than 60 organizations.


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