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No fear for the next generation

Yuou Chen

Dr. Lyn Evans: the leader of ‘‘the next generation’’ project

Dr. Lyn Evans: the leader of ‘‘the next generation’’ project

Five years ago, rugby-lover Dr. Lyn Evans, was accused of being “a destroyer of worlds”, but now he has been selected to be the new leader of the “next generation” particle collider plants.

Today, Dr Evans will lead a conference at Triumf, Canada, home to a leading subatomic particle laboratory, where he will announce the Linear Collider organization created to bring the cataclysmic International Linear Collider and the Compact Linear Collider together.

The new colliders, expected to be operational by 2025 and cost billions, have greater hit power and can discover more mysteries of the universe.

Dr Evans, born in Aberdare, is a Swansea University physics graduate and directed the building of the gigantic Large Hydron Collider (LHC) at the Centre for European Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.

It was feared “the next generation” project would create planet eating black holes back in 2008. But Dr Evans said: “Don’t worry; there will not be a tsunami in Cardiff Bay.”

A previous ICFA Chair and KEK Director, Atsuto Suzuki, said of the project: “We expect Lyn will ably lead the way in developing a reliable, viable proposal for a future linear collider.”

Nigel Jones, a former staff working at CERN said: “I look forward to advancing to the next stage of the linear collider.”

When asked about the time he spent in CERN, Jones said: “I always enjoyed my time there working with all nationalities and surprisingly a lot of Welsh people. CERN has a special part in my memories and it’s so good to see something I was very proud to be part of getting some attention. If Lyn is looking for tickets for the 6 nations I may be able to help!” he added.

Despite the amount of Welsh scientists, Dr Evans is concerned at the decreasing popularity of physics amongst university-goers.

“We know that our society needs more scientists – not necessarily for research but to feed industry,” he said. “We are losing young people and let’s hope we can turn that around, especially in Wales.”

Dr. Evans is a strong supporter of Wales’ scientific heritage and believes supporting education is vital in sustaining that success.

“One thing that we absolutely need is really good teachers that are going to inspire young people about a difficult subject,” He added. “Wales has got a long scientific tradition. It has always punched above its weight in producing scientists and that is a product of the fantastic education system that we had in Wales. I’m sure there’ll be many after me doing great things.”


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