Ready for Refugee Rhythms 2013?

Anne Yang

Student Action for Refugees (STAR) will hold Refugee Rhythms 2013 this Thursday night in Cardiff University Students’ Union.

This celebration has been going on for five years, raising money and people’s awareness about the issues refugees face in the UK.

“Any profits we get from the event will go to the running of our weekly Wednesday drop-in and towards equipment for our English conversation class at drop-in”, said Hannah Gretton, the president of STAR.

The party will start at 7:30pm.

Live Music, from folk to afro-beat, will be provided during the party. The food from around the world is all made by refugees and asylum seekers, with the help from student members of STAR.

 Hannah Gretton said: “We will have food by refugees and asylum seekers from Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and more.”

The Refugee Rhythms 2013 is organised by STAR and is in conjunction with Go Global week in Cardiff Students Union.

“We are organising everything from the food to the music to the venue”,  Hannah Gretton said, “they have helped cover some of our costs like music equipment.”

This event aims to raise money for their drop-in sessions and get more volunteers. People participating in the celebration can get insights into STAR.

“Last year I think we had over 400 people and raised over £1000 profits to help refugees and asylum-seekers living in Cardiff. As a result of the evening, we also got lots more volunteers to help with drop-in and teaching”,  Hannah Gretton said.

“The easiest thing for local people to do to help is just to get to know the asylum-seekers and refugees living in our communities. So often the media portrays refugees in a bad light and it means so many people feel unwelcome and badly treated”,  Hannah Gretton said.

“Getting to know people is the best way to break stereotypes and help people feel part of a community. Most of the refugees and asylum-seekers in Cardiff have come from very difficult backgrounds of war, poverty. so it’s so important that we make them feel loved and welcome here. Also getting involved with volunteering projects and writing to MPs is really important”,  Hannah Gretton adds.

The ticket for the Refugee Rhythms 2013 is £4 in advance and £5 on the door.

Every Wednesday STAR gives a drop-in English class in Trinity Methodist Church, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Poster of Refugee Rhythms 2013

Poster of Refugee Rhythms 2013

Cheer up refugees

“I feel that refugees and asylum seekers are coming over here to make a better life for themselves as their countries are so corrupted so I understand that, but also feel if we tackled the issues of their home countries and helped more with training and given basic knowledge that we’re fortunate to have in the UK. We could help them want to stay in their home countries.”
Jominique Long

“I have no problems with refugees as they enrich our culture and move is society forward.
Mark Coombes

“I have no problem with refugees-helping them through difficult times gives the world hope.”
Francy Marnhull

“No problems with refugees and asylum seekers – after all Britain is made up from so many direrent these days. So why are they any dirrerent?
Aisling Phillips

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