Tasting the World with Annie

Deciding where to eat on a night out can cause fairly heated debate between friends and me and mine are no different.  I am a big fan of pizza, I have a friend who is crazy for Indian cuisine and an Indian friend who prefers Chinese!

Why can’t there be a collection of all our favourites? Fortunately, this problem has been solved by Red Hot Buffet.

Eating at Red Hot Buffet is a feast for the mouth. There is an unbeatable selection of recipes from different cuisines: Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, English, Mediterranean and Cajun. Whatever you want there will be something to tempt your taste buds.

Red Hot also has several open kitchens allowing customers to see how the food is prepared by the chef and how fresh the food is. A big plus in our book.

Located in the St David’s shopping centre, Red Hot Buffet makes it the best choice for people to relax. It provides lunch from 12:00pm to 4:00 and dinner starts at 5:00pm. There is a sushi bar available during the dinner service including the delicious prawn and salmon tuna sushi served with Japanese soya, wasabi and pickled ginger.

All the dishes are displayed as salads, cold cuts, bread counter and cheese platter, seafood, sushi, starters, main course, dessert menu, selection of fruits and ice cream. And the best thing is it is all you can eat. Great for students like us!

For me, every time I go to Red Hot Buffet I like to have some salads to start, followed by BBQ chicken and pork in black bean sauce with rice and vegetable.  There are five different kinds of pizza, the usual mozzarella, beef and vegetable pizza but customers can also order a pizza according to their own taste as well.

When I am nearly full, the deserts table always peaks my appetite again. Tiramisu, brownie and cheesecake would be my recommendation and the can always be complimented by the five different types of ice cream on offer.

Dining in Red Hot Buffet is a recommendable experience. Not only because of its food, bus also due to its atmosphere. It’s a good choice to hold a birthday party.

For students like me, we can enjoy a 20% discount with your student card. For kids, 10-year-olds and under is half price.  From Monday to Friday, the lunch is £8.49 per person and dinner £13.99 and £14.99 on a Friday night.  Lunch is £9.99 on Saturday and £12.99 on Sunday, with dinner for £14.99 and £12.99 respectively.

Annie Yang


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