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Global symposium on cancer held in Cardiff

The Cancer Research Wales official logo

The Cancer Research Wales official logo

Cancer Research Wales (CRW) will host an international symposium next Wednesday at Swalec Stadium in Cardiff, bringing together scientists, clinical oncologists and allied professionals from across Wales and beyond to discuss personalised cancer treatments.

Nearly 70 per cent of clinicians feel that cancer treatments do not receive sufficient funding in Wales, according to new research made by Roche, a Swiss global health-care company, shared the Wales Online.

Moreover, one third of clinicians surveyed knew patients who had relocated to England to receive treatments as they were unable to access it in Wales.

Calls have been made for a Cancer Drugs Fund in Wales, however, the Welsh Government believes it would be unfair to the other patients with chronic illnesses.

Last month, the CRW played a major sponsor and held annual winter meeting, which took place for the first time ever in Wales and was staged at the National Museum of Wales.

The conference was very much global in nature with scientists coming from the world such as, America, Saudi Arabia or Singapore.

The latest findings discussed, covered many different areas of cancer research including New Cancer Drug Targets and Cancer Drug Discovery; Cancer Imaging; Cancer Biology Informing Therapeutic Development and Translational and Clinical Research.

Glorianne Lazaro, Helen Wiggins and Philip-Jan Meyer all in the 2nd year of their studies at Cardiff University, were able to present their own developing work. Mr. Lazaro told The Archer that the team is on the verge “to discover new ways to treat advanced breast cancers that have failed on previous attempts on conventional treatments.”

The conference also provided the CRW sponsor to Cardiff-own PhD students their first opportunity to attend a conference of international standing. Mr Philip-Jan Meyer is a CRW sponsored PhD student who is undertaking training in medicinal chemistry under the guidance of Dr Andrew Westwell, who told us, “Philip’s project is focused on developing novel derivatives of a chemotherapy agent called Gemcitabine which can be specifically used for medical imaging.”

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