Opinion: Environment protection awareness raised

Stock photo: Green word wraped by grass with globe in the word 3d illustration isolated

Stock photo: Green word wraped by grass with globe in the word 3d illustration isolated

After my bicycle was stolen in Cardiff, now I have to rely on my own feet to get everywhere. My mother constantly brags highly of my walks, and keeps telling me how she wishes she also could enjoy a fresh breath in China.

In recent months, the air quality in China is getting worse considerably. In some of the big cities, like Beijing, people started to use cotton facial mask to prevent themselves from the infest effects of the deteriorating air quality. Chinese citizens are angry and keep expressing negative opinions on Chinese twitter or Weibo.

Last year, in an eastern Chinese city, residents protested against a wastewater treatment project which was hazardous to the local environment. Last month, protesters in the Swansea Valley objected against plans to explore coal due to concerns about landslides. Just six days later, dozens of masked intruders raided a gold mining operation which had faced protests from environmentalists who say development would cause irreversible damage in northern Greece.

This represents a long-lasting battle through Human history. The globe has been involved in controversial development at the expense of polluted environment.

At the initial stage of development, industry plays a vital role. This means that many factories are built and cities start to expand. Loads of investment opportunities are created, but so are disposable wastes. Coals are mined without limitation, trees are cut and all kinds of waste gets dumped into rivers and lakes. On one hand, human activities have negative influences on environment. On the other, the deteriorating environment causes great damages to people’s health. Several environmental disasters have proved it and we have to pay the bill.

When people realise it, they start to take actions. Developed countries are reversing their direction, paying more attention to improve the living quality and preserve the environment. Governments hold meetings around the globe, attempting to tackle this problem at an international level. Media reports exert their profound impactson citizens’ understanding, providing more information on how we are changing the world.

People’s awareness has been raised. In past, we only focus on figures which represent the development level. In current society, we care more about our living conditions. Locals are fighting against industries and even governments to protect their hometown. Development is important as we all have a yearning to enjoy a better life. But a healthier life is more significant.

Annie Yang


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