The Archer’s vision — In culture we trust

Once I was asked the question: “What is art good for?” On a sunny afternoon, back in early undergraduate days, the whole auditorium was submerged on a stream of ardent thoughts and naive ideals. Enhancement of the free spirits; changing the world´s conscience; passion materialized; the answers of the class were multiple and diverse. But the teacher´s final response was the one getting stuck in the back of my mind: “Nothing”.

Culture doesn’t save lives, neither it prevent small commerce of closing down nor play any role on exchange ratings. It can be, however, a crucial part of one’s society; a statement of the community; a path we can trill to better understand what surrounds us and turn our days on journeys easier to endure.

Far from the practical and sceptic world of mundane complications, art and culture can work as a key identity school. Through the exchange of experiences and messages, we grow as individuals; we develop a critic sense and raise our awareness level of what is out there. Sometimes, it just takes a full stop and a look around to find a whole wonder new world.

February was a good month to be in the Welsh capital city. Profoundly diverse culturally, Cardiff could easily be called Worldiff; a meeting point for cultures from all around the globe. A melting pot which experienced its peak during last week with Go Global and Refugee Rhythms festivals, bringing together a small taste of the world in juicy slices of art, gastronomy and costumes.

This week, we are upon both the Wales Tourism Week and St. David´s day, two major opportunities to get involved with the roots of the culture that adopted us without questioning. Either visiting National Park Brecon Beacons – recently recognized as featuring one of the five best starry skies on the planet – or rolling through the pale sand on Swansea´s Rhossilli Bay – considered the best beach on Britain and one of the top three in Europe – remarkable landscapes and unforgettable memories are waiting for you in this country of green hills and red dragons.

Pedro Rodrigues


Pedro Rodrigues

News Editor
Annie Yang

Chief Sub Editor 
Lin Feiyi

Visual Editor
Yun Jie Zou

Shruti Kedia, Nicholas Li, Coralie N’Cht, Chris Scott, Zhong Lei

Morgane Kimmich, Tymoteusz Chajdas, Yuou Chen


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