Rhossili Bay, an unforgettable experience


Cliff from where you can have a beautiful view of Rhossili Bay

During Wales’ Tourism Week, The Archer visited one of the most iconic landscapes of the dragon country; an unforgettable experience. Summer tourist paradise or winter nostalgic retreat, Rhossili Bay always welcomes the wandering spirits.

Rhossili Bay is situated at the end of the Gower Peninsular, just off Swansea’s coast. This beautiful place is a must-visit for everyone stepping in South Wales. Rhossili has been awarded the best beach in Britain title and the third in Europe, securing its place among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Rhossili Bay, one of the world's most beautiful beaches

Rhossili Bay, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches

A sunny day welcomed The Archer in Rhossili for its first visit, making the beach look stunning. Could there be a most inspiring view than this one? Travelers are astonished looking at the wonderful “worms head” (Worms Head, the most photographed part of the Gower, stretches out to sea and becomes an island when the tide comes in) for the first time. This outstanding view is carved in people’s mind forever.

Visitors can have a walk over the causeway at low tide or simply sit on the trackside at high tide. By observing different people or taking as much out of this view as possible, Rhossilli bay takes your breath away.
Whether you go there in summer or winter, Rhossili is a source of endless views and sensations. It is also possible to enjoy coffee and cake while admiring the view, even when it’s raining.

When you come into the village there is an old but beautiful church worth visiting. Also, don’t miss the opportunity of strolling out along the cliffs to the coastguard station situated on the headland.

All in all, Rhossili is a great place for those who enjoy the outdoors and picturesque natural scenery. No words can really describe it and for people who enjoy good views, peacefulness and wildlife, it is most definitely a must-visit place.

Yuou Chen


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