Six-nations: Wales aims at “judgement day” victory

Ryan Jones got the highest score in the match against Italy Image Courtesy:the Guardian

Ryan Jones got the highest score in the match against Italy Image Courtesy:the Guardian

Wales has got a significant winning last Saturday, slaughtering Italy by 29-6 in Roma.

Daniele Fregnone, an Italian student in Cardiff said: “I’m proud of Italy although it lost the game, Wales was by far the better side and won in a horrible weather conditions, thus I have to give my congratulations to them. By the way it seems that this is England’s year, I’m pretty sure England will get the champion this time.’’

At the same time, Scotland had a slightly winning against Ireland by 12-8 which means that Wales has upgrade to the second rank after England.

The next match for Wales will be in Murrayfield with Scotland on 9th March. About the previous matches these two teams head to head in the history, they have met 21 times and Wales had won 13 times. If Wales could win Scotland, its second ranking position would be more stable but still hard to catch England.

England will face Italy in the next match in Twickenham. They have met 13 times and England won all the games in the past. So if England kept winning this time, it would keep its leading position on the standings.

Owen Evans, a rugby fan said: ‘’It will be a judgement day on 15th March, if both Wales and England win their match on 9th, then it would go down to England VS Wales for the champion’s title.’’

Welsh player Alun Wyn Jones will be back to his region in the team and he desperately want to prove his worth for the team. He has been locked on the bench last match because of his shoulder injury.

The temporary captain Ryan Jones who replaced Sam Warburton got the highest rating which is 8.15 out of 10 in his three matches, followed by Leigh Halfpenny with 8.10.

Nicholas Lee

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