Tasting the world with Morgane Kimmich

Zizzi’s delicious Primavera pizza with a wholemeal base

Zizzi’s delicious Primavera pizza with a wholemeal base

Having an Italian mother teaches you a lot about good cuisine. As I have been raised with olive oil, fresh pasta and proper Italian pizza, having a night out in an Italian restaurant made me skeptic. But that fear vanished as soon as I entered Zizzi Ristorante, situated on High Street, Cardiff.

Passed the door, Zizzi sets a comfortable and cosy atmosphere with soft lights and colours. The open kitchen and visible pizza oven reinforce the conviviality of an Italian dinner and makes you travel for a night. Both intimate and cheerful, Zizzi is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a social event.

Waiters and members of staff are kind and can talk you through the menu so that you won’t miss the must-try of the week.

The menu offers a wide range of antipasti (starters), salads, pizza, pasta and desserts. Real bonus for some of us: dishes suitable for special diets, such as gluten-free and vegetarian are also available. Besides, Zizzi has been awarded the “healthy food eating out award” 2012, providing their clients with guilt free dishes!

Arancini as starters and fruity Chianti wine

To dive into my Italian night, I started with some arancini, which are mini risotto rice balls, packed with mozzarella and peas fried to a crunchy and crispy finish. They were served with a tomato and chili dipping sauce. I was quite amazed by this dish, which uses rather simple products but in an original and tasty association.

But an Italian restaurant also has to be judged by its pizza. I tried the Primavera (spring) one, which was topped with slices of aubergine, artichoke, peppers, olives, pesto and different kinds of cheese. Even though it was colourful and delicious, the main surprise came from the whole meal base. If some pizza can easily be too thin, too thick or too chewy, Zizzi prepares for sure a pizza like you’ve never tried before!

And just because I was being greedy, I finished with a classic tiramisu. This 3-course meal, worth £19.95 per person, plus wine, was really worth it.

The whole meal was accompanied by a delicious and fruity Chianti wine from the Italian region of Tuscany.

Nice surprise for me, and again to prove the variety of the menu, I found Gewurztraminer, a typical sweet white wine for my region, Alsace, North East of France.

And for dessert, a classic Italian tiramisu

For all those reasons, Zizzi is highly recommended by The Archer team. Check out Zizzi’s amazing website for menus,

booking (they will send you an email and a text to remind you of your meal on the day) and information about food.

Last Archer‘s tip: Apply for a taste card online and 50 per cent off food in thousands of restaurant in the UK, including Zizzi!

A bit of the Italian sun in Cardiff, what else?

Morgane Kimmich


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