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Welsh businesses embrace Tourism Week


Tourism is growing in Wales, which welcomes the 2013 Tourism Week

Wales Tourist Week is now under way, aiming at highlighting the importance of the tourism industry which is worth 6.18 billion and accounts for 9.8% of employment within Wales.

Welsh Secretary David Jones has shown his support for the campaign along with other Wales ministers.

Mr Jones said: “Wales Tourism Week provides us with a fresh opportunity to recognise the crucially important role that tourism has to play in our economy. The GREAT Britain campaign launched by the Prime Minister last year provided us with the opportunity to show the world that Britain is open for business; that it is a great place to visit, to live, to do business with and a great place to invest.”

Mr Jones will visit Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay and Bodnant Gardens in the Conwy Valley on St David’s day, which are among the most touristic regions in North Wales.

Wales Office Minister, Stephen Crabb will visit the UK’s smallest city, St David’s, to celebrate St David’s day with local people on March 1.

Referring to the tourism industry in Pembrokeshire, Mr Crabb said: “This Government is committed to working with the Welsh Government to ensure that businesses are receiving all the support they need to grow, and that the tourism industry has the opportunity to thrive in Wales.”


Cardiff Castle, one of the most touristic attractions in Cardiff

The campaign, which was held the first time in 2012 by Wales on its own, is led by Wales Tourism Association (WTA), the voice of Welsh tourism industry.

WTA’s executive director, Adrian Greason-Walker said before the event: “We aim to put tourism at the top of the political agenda in Wales.

“We want tourism associations, trade organisations and businesses to contact their local AM, MP or MEP and invite them to a specific event to showcase the real tourism product and emphasise the economic contribution the industry makes to local communities.”

Steven Webb, Director Visit Wales said the main aim of the week is “to enhance profile of the tourism industry and also to create a platform for many politicians to have a better understanding of tourism which affects hugely the economy of Wales.”

The latest figure released by the Office of National Statistics has demonstrated how important the tourism sector has been to Wales: it creates 172,000 full time and part time jobs across Wales, which saw Gwynedd become most dependent on tourism, with 14.5% of the region’s job in the industry.

Referring to the overall employment situation of Wales, Mr Webb said: “the Tourism Week is going to provide the framework of tourism to continue to grow.”

Feiyi Lin


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