5 minutes with Bethan Box, Shop Rugby manager

Last Saturday Wales 30-3 England retained Six Nations title. This is one of the best moments in Welsh rugby ever, and represented a boost on the sports related economy on small and mid-business owners

This week, The Archer explored one of the most popular rugby shops in Cardiff and talked with Bethan Box, the manager of the store, about sales and the boost of demanding during Six Nations’ period.

5 minutes with

5 minutes with Bethan Box, Cardiff’s Shop Rugby manager

The Archer: Are there some special design t-shirts available now in the shop regarding Wales as the cup’s winner?

Bethan Box: There is to be a Championship Winning T-Shirt arriving in by this weekend hopefully.

T. A: Which one is the favored item by Rugby fans? Are there any products out of stock?

B. B: We have a wide range of Wales rugby Shirts from Under Armour the official manufacturer as well as unofficial shirts in cotton and synthetic options.

T. A: Shop sales have increased during the Six Nations period, especially last Saturday?

B. B: All match days in Cardiff are vital to our sales and Wales have very loyal fans plus we get a wide range of away fans from the opposition country but also from tourists soaking up the pre match atmosphere who we are glad to see come in store to purchase items or just to chat before the games and have some banter.

T. A: Do you run any promotional sales now or in the near future?

B. B: We have Sales, Newsletters, Competitions for signed shirts, tickets, new products, in store signings as often as we can as well as discount codes and promo across Facebook and Twitter. Currently we have a sale and also a competition running to win two signed Cardiff Blues shirts.

Yuou Chen

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