Review of Lewis Watson live in Cardiff

From 7:30pm, an unexpected long line occupied almost the whole street in front of Clwb Ifor Bach’s entrance with a crowd of one hundred people who were mainly teenagers on the average of 17 year-old and 70% of them were girls. Three singer song-writers: Saint Raymond, Kimberley Anne and Lewis Waston gathered in Clwb Ifor Bach for their tour in Cardiff.


Lewis Watson

Entering the top floor, the first singer, Saint Raymond, was already playing his songs. Firstly, people were caught by the soft country folk guitar playing and his shy vocal but it was soon faded out with the noise of audience chatting.

Following Kimberley Anne, a Londoner with fashion and unforgettable hair style, went on stage. Apparently, she had more stage charm and skills of drawing audience’s attention by asking people to do the background voice for her songs.

With electric guitar accompanying her smoky voice, Kimberley did show her uniqueness through the soulful music and her humorous ways of talking. Nevertheless, one crucial thing to decide the live show is successful or not is judged on whether the audience are engaged in the show. Since the audience didn’t really know her songs, they cannot sing along with her.

When Lewis Watson, a 21-year-old Oxford boy who was on tour to present his third EP- The Wild, stepped on the stage, he was immediately welcomed by the screams of female audience. Lewis was exactly the one who fans expected the most for tonight.

With the high publicity on social media like twitter and YouTube, his first EP “It’s Got Four Sad Songs On It BTW” and second EP “Another Four Sad Songs” won him so many love from teenage girls. The main theme throughout his EPs is Lewis’ personal reflection of adolescent breaking down love and the imagination of perfect relationship.

“Little Darling” was just like soft whispering love words echoing in girls’ heart with the folk guitar strumming warm melody and “Into The Wild”, one of his newest songs, showed his exploration on to a wider topics instead of limited in the melancholy mood of losing love. The guitar is fresh and the melody is delicate, just as the sentimental adolescent young mind. The simple guitar and lyrics can quickly seduce teenage girls but when you listen to Watson lullabies long enough, you’ll find that you already past that age long ago.

In the popular notion, young musicians who are in their early stage of singing career and music production always need to take on their foot touring around all the major cities in local pubs to build their own fan-base and accumulate themselves with experiences of live shows as it’s a must-been-through practice.

However, what really attracts people is not merely their music talent or the melody. The skill of using social media as a tool to promote the singer himself as a commercial brand becomes a dominant part in the nowadays digital era. It represents the myth that sometimes what matters more is the popularity instead of the essence of music to singers.

Waston was obviously a heavy addict of social media and he is good at promoting his EPs through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. During the performance, he stopped the song half way and used his Iphone to record the audience and uploaded onto his fan page right away. What’s mattered was not the quality of that short video but the instant reaction of his fans on the Internet. The strategy of using social media to interact with fans and accumulate fan bases really worked on Waston.


Yunjie Zou


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