South Korea suspect North Korea of cyber attack

US and South Korean forces work together on cyber security

US and South Korean forces work together on cyber security

A report has been released stating that three banks and three broadcasters from South Korea had been hacked today by unidentified hackers with the IP address showing that they came from China.

Three weeks ago, The Archer team ran a story about the cyber-attack on American companies and the US computer security firm Mandiant announced that the hackers were also from China, probably state-trained professionals. In the past two months, Facebook, Twitter and even Apple have all announced that they have been hacked by Chinese hackers.

The Chinese military has stated that China was also a victim of a cyber-attack after they were accused by the US. This time the government of South Korea claims that they have a great suspicion of North Korean hackers because there were two cyber-attacks from North Korea before in 2009 and 2011.

South Korea also states that they will keep on making investigation on the origin of the cyber-attack. The media in South Korea feels that Pyongyang from North Korea may play a role in the attack. The government will contract 600 technicians to deal with the attack.

In the press conference today, spokesman Hong Lei from the diplomatic department of China said:’’ We have noticed the report about the cyber-attack in South Korea. We have claimed many times before; the cyber-attack is a global issue now. It is anonymous and cross-border but harmful to the whole society. It is common that the hackers always use other countries’ IP address to attack their target in order to hide them from being recognized.

In our opinion, we insist that the whole world should face the challenge together about how to deal with the cyber-attack and how to keep the cyber security. China always appeals to create a peaceful, safe, opening and cooperating international world. There should be some rules and regulations to protect the benefit for the global society. China would like to do everything we can to help with the cyber security and stable.’’

Since the first cyber-attack in US, American began to treat Chinese as their suspicious target. However, it’s not easy to trace the original hackers. Phil Pinti, a programmer in Cardiff said:’’ I don’t think it is something special that nations spy on each other. When it comes to secret service and military operations, governments try everything to gain advantages over others, because it would be simply foolish not to use all available options. There are many invisible battle fields, there always were.’’

‘’Cyber warfare is a logical necessity. Additionally, hacking is just another modern weapon which can get used in a worst case scenario. So it must get tested regularly, just like any other doesn’t affect the rest of the cyber sphere much. Just like you don’t recognize spies in the real world, you don’t know or care what hackers are doing while you surf on your favourite webpage. I have seen the news about these hacking attacks which were tracked back to a certain building in Shanghai. Looks like the Chinese military is quite committed to this topic… and I guess it makes sense. That’s the way things work today,” Mr. Pinti added.

Nicholas Li


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