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We’ve tried it: music streaming

To help you make the best choice between the top music streaming services, The Archer team has tried Spotify, Deezer and Grooveshark for you. Read our review to find out which one will suit you best!

Deezer user

Deezer user

Twitter has announced that it will join the music streaming battleground next month. After Apple, Google and YouTube, Twitter will also have a go at the game in association with SoundCloud, a music streaming service.

It is now clear that music streaming is the new tendency. More and more platforms are coming to light and competing with each other as well as other music commercial sector like CD retailers.

Today most young people have either a Spotify or a Deezer account on which they listen to their favourite playlists. The concept is quite simple: a click to access the website or the music application, a few keys on your keyboard to login, and you get to your synchronized music library, no matter where you are, and on what device.

Many different options exist on each of these music streaming services. To help you make the best choice, The Archer team has tried three among the top music streaming services for you: Spotify, Deezer and Grooveshark. What are the main differences between these? Which one should you chose? Let’s have a closer look at them!

First let’s compare the price of these three music streaming providers. When you join them as a new user, all of them are free, but they all have different limitations for the customer who wants music for free.

Spotify allows you to listen to music for free during six months, then you can listen to 10 hours per day and five times to each song. As for all the other services, this comes with a lot of audio ads interrupting your listening. Deezer is being less generous: its free version will limit your listening time to five hours per month from the beginning.

For both services, if you want no time limit and no ads, you will have to pay £4.27. If you want to access to your music even without connexion, you will have to make it double. Grooveshark wins an easy point here: its free version lets you listen to as many songs as you wish, but with ads of course.

Spotify probably has the nicest interface design which is pretty user friendly. Both Deezer and Grooveshark probably lose it in the battle for best design, with less attractive and less user friendly interfaces. However, Grooveshark somehow makes a better use of image contents, such as album covers, which drive the user’s exploration.

An important point for you to make a choice could be the number of songs provided. While the two most successful music platforms, Spotify and Deezer, offer over 13 million songs and over 10 million songs respectively, Grooveshark gives you access to only seven million songs.

Would you like to share your playlists? All three services allow you to gather your favourite songs and share your selection. The system might be more effective on Spotify which is also more social media driven. Spotify has a much better association with Facebook and gives you a lot of share and link options with the social network.

Overall all these three platforms have advantages and weaknesses but offer great music streaming. There will definitely be one to meet your taste. If you’re still not quite sure, play your favourite songs on each one of them to make your decision. You’ll find that listening to music has never been easier!

Coralie Hentsch


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