World in a nutshell


Syria calls for UN investigation into chemical attack

The Syrian government urged the UN secretary general to set up an inquiry into the chemical attack that occurred on Tuesday. Opposition leaders also demanded a full investigation.
US President Barack Obama has expressed his scepticism of the alleged use of chemical weaponry by Syrian rebels. US ambassador Robert Ford also stated that there was no direct evidence linked to the attack from the opposition party against President Bashar al-Assad.
The US once again repeated their strong stance  against the use of chemical weapons on the Syrian people, saying the action of doing this was a “serious and tragic mistake”.


Shia community leaders criticize Shia citizens’ arrest

A total of 16 Shia people were caught and accused of spying in Saudi Arabia. In a statement, the Shia community leaders in Saudi Arabia urged the authorities to start a political improvement and stop the sectarian manipulation.
The Saudi authority claimed that the spies were trying to get intelligence about their important bases.  Although the spy is not known yet, it is widely suspected to be Iran.


Turkey rebel leader calls for cease fire

Kurdish rebel leader, Abdullan Ocalan, proposed a truce from his prison cell between his rebel forces and the government after years of war. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan welcomed this proposition but emphasized the real implementation of the ceasefire.
Meanwhile, Ocalan asked his PKK organisation to retreat from Turkey. This message was announced during the Kurdish New Year celebration.
There have already been 40,000 citizens killed in the three decade fight in the south-east area of turkey.


Australian PM passes election again

The Australian PM Julia Gillard will remain as the head of the Labour Party and she survived a vote of confidence earlier today. Gillard’s election once again made sure that she can lead the government until the General Election this September.
The latest poll shows that the Gillard-led government will be replaced by conservatives in the next election.
Ms Gillard said the challenge to her party leadership had been “settled in most conclusive fashion possible”.


US succeeds in passing the spending bill

The US Congress just passed a spending bill to make sure that the US government can still function normally until the end of this September, avoiding a possible shutdown.
A bipartisan vote of 318-109 was passed and this bill will now turn to President Barack Obama to sign.
The bill holds £56bn ($85bn) on the March 1 spending cut and gives the cabinet space to implement it. The bill, however, keeps in place a pay freeze for federal employees.


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