5 minutes with Cardiff market manager

With the economic downturn continuing to curtail the nation’s income and with recent food scandals such as the on-going horse meat investigation, more and more people are turning to local producers and butchers for their food. Cardiff Central Market is one of the many examples of a successful local market around Wales, having served the city’s people for hundreds of years providing high quality produce at low prices.

This week The Archer had the opportunity to sit down with Market manager Martalena Fabrizi to see if the market had benefited from the economic downturn.


Cardiff Central Market in Cardiff City Centre

The Archer: Hi Martalena how are you? How is the market doing in the current economic climate?

M.F: Very good thanks. Well we’re fully booked. The empty stalls that you see at the moment are already taken. All the stalls will be taking up in the next four to six weeks. We will have all new tenants in.

T.A: When was the last time the market was fully booked?

M.F: Well this is the busiest it has been in my seven or eight years here… It was a few years ago I’d say maybe just after the recession in 2008.

T.A: Do you think the economy and recent food scandals are forcing people back to local businesses?

M.F: Yes I think that’s got a lot to do with it I’d say.

T.A: Have you seen more people coming into the market in recent years?

M.F: It all depends on what time of day. It all seems to be the same to me.

T.A: So with steady sales will the market be fully booked for the foreseeable future?

M.F: I hope! It depends on the tenants I suppose and how the business goes for them.

T.A: So the future of the market looks good then?

M.F: Yes it does as far as I know.

Chris Scott


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