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Rumours spread about the new iPhone cases

Tactus claims reliable source said the new iPhone will have cases in five colour

Tactus claims reliable source said the new iPhone will have cases in five colours.

For iPhone lovers, there is good news. Tactus, a case manufacturing company recently launched pictures of the new iPhone case which is made of plastic polycarbonate and the cost of the iPhone will be ‘low’ and affordable.

If Tactus’s reports are to be believed, this plastic case will lead to the possibility of having multi-coloured iPhone cases in contrast to the current black or white case. Tactus claims that they have a reliable source in the ‘factory which is producing this secretive Apple project’ and they say that this iPhone will be available in five coloured cases- black, white, blue, red and yellow.

When The Archer contacted the Apple office in Cardiff, the employees declined to give a comment and that nothing can be confirmed at this point. “We just have to wait until it is launched,” the Apple spokesperson said.

Faizan Querashi, a student at Cardiff University is an avid Apple fan and owns the Apple iPhone4S. “Nothing can replace an Apple product. Apple might be costly but the product is A-class and I absolutely love the idea of the new ‘budget iPhone’. Because of iPhone5’s high price, I was unable to buy it, but this budget iPhone is something I guess, I will pre order as soon as Apple makes an announcement,” he says.

Tactus reports informs that the actual phone might be around 9mm thick, 120mm in height and around 62-65mm in width, making it both taller and wider than the iPhone 4 and 4S. Reports also say that this budget phone will have by an A5 processor similar to the iPad Mini with a 32nm diecast and that it will have a 3.5-inch retina screen, like the iPhone 4S. The phone is expected to sport a 5-megapixel rear camera.

Apple iPhone5 sold five million phones in its opening weekend in the UK and queues were seen in Saint Davids in Cardiff from the night prior to iPhone 5’s launch. The expected date of release of this budget iPhone is on 15th October, 2013 and the supposed price of budget iPhone is £197.

Shruti Kedia


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