Cardiff to be the safest place in the UK

A 2013 UK Peace Index has revealed that Cardiff-Swansea, with the lowest homicide and second lowest violent crime score, took top position as the UK’s most peaceful urban area in rankings of 10 urban/police areas, topping Sheffield and Nottingham at two and three respectively.


The 2013 UK Peace Index revealed that Cardiff was the safest place in the UK.

London and Glasgow sit at the bottom of the rankings with London hosting 18 of the 20 most violent local authorities. In addition, Scotland has the highest homicide rate of any of the four home nations, as well as the highest violent crime rate, according to a report.

The index also found Broadland, Norfolk, to be the most peaceful local council area but Lewisham, London, to be the least.

Broadland resident Paul Lancaster, who lives in Rackheath, told the BBC it was a “rural, very well-to-do area”. “I feel very safe in Broadland,” he said.

The findings were published in the UK Peace Index, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), which defines peace as the absence of violence or fear of violence.

“Both crime and homicide have fallen significantly,” the report said. “The fall over the last decade has resulted in the UK homicide rate now being roughly equivalent to that of the Western European average, and it is now at its lowest level since 1978.

“However, the UK violent crime rate is significantly higher than the European Union average.”

Despite the global financial crisis, violence has continued to fall in both the UK and Europe even during the recession, the report said. In the UK, the only major offence category to substantially increase over the last decade was drug offences, it found.

All other categories of crime, including burglary and fraud, have fallen. But it said public perceptions of the threat of violence are inflated, with 17% of Britons thinking they will be a victim of violent crime, while less than 4% will actually experience violent crime.

Yuou Chen

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