Chinese entreprises support Welsh economy


Chinese markets are giving the Welsh economy a helping hand

Small private-owned enterprises such as Chinese markets and restaurants became huge backbones of the Welsh economy with more international students and emigrants moving to Wales.

Wales has been suffering from a low productivity and employment rate since the European crisis and it was hard to do business in Wales. This situation might change with the new research released by the Federation of Master Builders, building firms in Wales still has positive effect on Welsh economy.

The manager of Zi’s Café in Cardiff, Eason Du said: “It’s really been harder and harder for me to do business here. I owned this restaurant since 2007. The situation got worse because of the economic recession since the European crisis. My restaurant used to have some foreign customers when it was opened at beginning but now it truly depends on all the Chinese students.

“The thing is, we earn profits while we pay for the tax. The more we earn the more we pay. That’s the way to influence Welsh economy I think.”

Daniel Zhang, manager of Chinese market Yi Gou in Cardiff claims that he feels good about the situation now.

“We are in a good condition now. There are a great amount of Chinese students in Cardiff now. For their convenience I created the online market and I could earn a decent profit every day.

“That’s why I still insist to do business here. And I believe as long as there are enough Chinese students here, our influence to Welsh economy will not be gone.”

The Welsh Government will put the rural development plan for Wales into effect from 2014 to 2020. Although there are some problems and issues like the isolated location or the lack of infrastructure, it is still a good chance for Wales to have its economic recovery.

From the situations of these small Chinese markets and restaurants, Wales would probably build more small companies especially in rural areas since the low employment. Rural companies could be good products deliverer to support the markets and restaurants in main cities.

Nicholas Lee


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