International music festival rocks Wales

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Focus Wales settles in Wales for the third time.
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Wales welcomes the Focus Festival for the third time, a music festival paced by conferences on different subjects, held during four days in several Welsh cities.

Wrexham and other cities in North Wales will showcase live performances until April 27th. If the festival will honour the best of Welsh music, the conferences will give an international dimension to the festival, holding talks about the music industry.

Press officer of Focus Wales Neil Thompson told The Archer: “We want to provide a national showcase for music from Wales to an international audience. Music is global and if you want the world to take part and raise an interest in what you’re doing, you have to invite them along. This year we have a great line up of international acts and delegates – which adds more depth and interest for our visitors and hopefully sends some great reports on what we’re doing back all over the world.”

Emerging new bands from Wales are favored, such as the modern music band Man Without Country or the former soprano singer Charlotte Church who is now rather classified as a pop singer. Focus Wales 2013 also wants to highlight new kinds of music such as the one played by Gallops, which combines retro videogame themes and B-movie horror soundtracks. In a more intimate vein, John Lawrence, ex-member of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, proposes a vintage and acoustic music uplifted by vocals. Two other energetic bands from North Wales, We Are Animal and Sŵnami, will wake Focus Wales 2012 up.

Japanese band Moja which will be present this year - souce walesfocus.com

Japanese band Moja, which will be present this year
Image: http://www.focuswales.com

 The German artist Michael Rother, members of two bands, Harmonia and NEU!, will  present the international dimension of this music festival. More exotic, the Tokyo-based band Moja, known for giving energetic live performances, will be one the highlights of Focus Wales 2013. Canada will also be presented through Canadian Sounds Explode, a set of the best emerging Canadian music. Bands from Belgian, Korea, France, England and many more will also join this year’s edition.

All together, 107 artists and bands are already announced for the 2013 edition of Focus Wales.

Along with this festival, several music-related issues will be covered by conferences on April, 25 and 26. Talks on music and social media, how to deal with the press, explain copyrights and contracts, and many more, will be hold by a panel of professionals of the music industry. Musicians, magazines and labels founders but also journalists, photographers, producers and songwriters will give tips to new bands and music enthusiasts at Glyndŵr University’s ‘Catrin Finch Centre’, Wrexham.

Mr Thompson told The Archer about the aim of the conferences. He said: “We do have a lot of resources in Wales for start-ups to use and get assistance with projects. What we noticed was that Wales was one of the few places in the world that didn’t have its own showcase for the nation’s contemporary music. We aim to further facilitate industry activity for Welsh musicians by plugging that gap.”

Tickets range from £30 (£25 for students) for the whole music festival, £50 (£45 for students) for the festival and the conferences. Tickets can also be bought separately for each gig at different places (check on: http://focuswales.com/tickets/index.php). More information at the box office: 08444771000.

Morgane Kimmich


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