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Mint and Mustard restaurant in Cardiff
Image: http://www.mintandmustard.com/cardiff/

To experience a fine dining Indian cuisine, Mint and Mustard is the perfect place to go and has been reviewed for you by The Archer.

The smiley welcome of the manager and the staff is just the beginning and the warmth will remain through the whole dinner. Martini Rosse is a good choice to begin as this drink leaves you with a sweet taste in your mouth and goes well with the spices and starters. Mint and Mustard offers a wide range of options but I would recommend you to have a Paneer Tikka. This traditional Indian starter is composed of cottage cheese marinated and grilled in a paste of onion, cardamom and spices.

Another recommendation would be the Keralan Tiger Prawns. From Kerala, one of the coastal regions of India, this dish is truly a treat for the taste buds. Marinated in a paste of curry leaves, red chillies and garlic, this starter is prepared in such a way that the Tiger Prawns ooze the flavour of the paste making it absolutely exquisite. Succulent to the last bite, this dish is a treat to everyone who would like to try the coastal food of India.

The non-vegetarian dishes are as good as, if not better, than the vegetarian dishes served at Mint and Mustard.

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Malabar Chicken Biriyani, a famous meal in India.
Image: http://www.mintandmustard.com/cardiff/

As a main course I played it safe and went for the ever popular Malabar Chicken Biriyani, one of the most sought-after food items in India. This is essentially a rice dish prepared with aromatic spices that truly bring out the taste of the country. Served under a flaky crust, this is an incredible dish with a simple appearance. The chicken pieces were soft and juicy which left me wanting more. Served with Raita (yogurt mixed with a few cut vegetables flavoured with salt and pepper), this dish is something everyone who wants to experiment Indian food MUST try out.

If you are not in a mood for rice, then you can go for curry and Indian breads. The Vegetable Korma is an Indian delicacy, consisting of vegetables cooked in rich creamy sauce of coconut, cashew nuts and fresh coriander. For the Indian breads you have got two options: either Garlic Naan, or a more spicy option, Chilli coriander Naan. These breads are made of self-rising flour and are grilled in the tandoor.

Chocomosa, an original dessert coined by the Mint and Mustard team will leave you wanting for more. In a twist of the original Indian snack Samosa, this delicacy has a filling of ganache of chocolate and flaked almonds which is served with vanilla ice cream and caramelised banana.

Mint and Mustard truly gives a taste of Indian cuisine. The only downside is the price: if you want to have the full Indian dining experience, you can expect to spend quite a lot. You might want to keep this place for a special occasion! If you want to try this restaurant on a weekend, you’d better place a booking as weekends are generally packed.

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Chocosamosa, a traditional Indian dessert.
Image: http://www.mintandmustard.com/cardiff/

Shruti Kedia


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