Terrorist threats divide Welsh population


Some argue that the terrorist threats in Wales have been exaggerated.

The possibility of ever-presented terrorist attacks in Wales raised concerns among the government and public places such as schools, which ask for more prevention.

It was reported that terrorists groups such as al Qaeda form more threats to Welsh people according to a restricted counter-terrorism strategy document.

Cardiff, the capital city, has a number of crowded places, which could become targets for terrorist attacks, the document reveals.

The Cardiff Muslim Council denied any relation with the possibility of attacks in Wales.

Recently, the research result presented by Wales Contest Plan, a document studies the terror threats in Wales, expressed that the government should be careful when tackling the tasks of radicalisation and extremism.

There is also a call for schools to held classes on terrorism, which should be taught in a neutral way.

Adam Johannes, from the Cardiff Stop the War Coalition, criticized the report of possible terrorist attacks in Wales by saying that it was “completely sensationalist and highly irresponsible journalism.

He said:“Sensationalist because the prominence given to the story was completely out of proportion to the facts provided, and irresponsible because they failed to even consider how their sensationalist reporting could result in a racist backlash against Cardiff’s longstanding Muslim communities and spread unnecessary fear among citizens.”

Mr Johannes added the best defence against terrorism is a radical change in Britain’s unethical foreign policy, which is fuelling the global rage leading to terrorism.

“If Britain wants to stop terrorism it must stop participating it – whether bringing the troops home from Afghanistan, ending complicity in drone strikes across the Middle East, Afghanistan or Pakistan, halting the arming for dictatorships in the Arab world and end its diplomatic and military support for the State of Israel – the bonfire of civil liberties and stoking up of Islamophobia at home must stop too, he explained the factors of stopping terrorist attacks.

 “Cardiff Stop the War Coalition also has serious concerns with the way government agencies have consistently used the threat of terrorism to conflate legitimate dissent in UK society with extremism in a way that undermines both civil liberties and combatting real extremism,” he said.

Lei Zhong


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