“The Machine” gives Wales an international shift

The Machine movie

“The Machine”, a film by Caradog James
Image: tribecafilm.com

The indie stylish sci-fi movie “The Machine”, produced and filmed in Wales, is ready to jump from New York’s Tribeca Film Festival to the eyes of the world.

After premiering earlier this week, the new Caradog James’ movie is now set for distribution after having its worldwide rights acquired by London/LA based film distributor Content films.

The premiere was held at Tribeca Film Festival, one of the world’s most important film festivals, known for betting on emerging directors and for serving as a launch platform for the international film communities.

Deeply inspired on Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein”, “The Machine” is a science fiction romantic thriller whose story takes us to a near future where the British intelligentsia is on the verge to build the ultimate artificial intelligence weapon in order to take the upper hand in a cold-war set-up against China.

The film was produced by Cardiff-based company Red and Black Films, co-founded by the movie’s director Caradog James and producer John Giwa-Amu, both returning today to Wales after the promoting tour in New York.

The film, whose release date in Wales is still to be announced, was largely financed by Welsh Government’s Arts Council with the collaboration of Film Agency for Wales, which provided £80,000 for the project.

Adam Partridge, production executive for Film Agency for Wales, told The Archer that the main reason for the support on this project was because it is a Cardiff based production with a pair of proven Welsh talents.

“We were caught by the strong script, backed up with the right director and a Welsh production team.

“This is one good example of many films where the Film Agency has supported Welsh Talents with projects that have an international ambition. Fortunately we have been seeing a lot of Welsh directors aiming for their work to be seen around the World.”

Starring Toby Stephens and Caity Lotz as a couple of computer programmers falling in love, this turin machine beating thriller has been largely praised by the international community  and is figured as one of the sci-fi movies of the year.

Pedro Rodrigues


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