Photographer Hetherington’s death commemorated


Photography by Tim Hetherington (on the right).

Tim Hetherington was a British-American photojournalist.

His documentary film “Restrepo”, which he co-directed with Sebastian Junger, was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2011. Hetherington was killed by Libyan forces in a mortar attack when covering the Libyan civil war in April 2011.

Born in 1970 in Liverpool, Hetherington studied literature at Oxford University in 1989. He studied Photojournalism at Cardiff University in 1996, a course run by Daniel Meadows and Colin Jacobson.

He said in an article that the two courses made him aware of the difficulties that he would have to face in the market place and he prepared himself as best as he could for life as a freelancer.

Hetherington first worked as a trainee at The Big Issue, where he was the only staff photographer. During 1960-1970, he spent much of the time in West Africa, documenting political upheaval and its effects on daily life in Liberia, Nigeria and other countries.

Hetherington won many awards in journalism in his career life. Through his photographs, writing and films, he gave new ways to look at and think about human suffering.

After Hetherington’s death in Misrata, the Libyan city of Ajdabiya renamed its largest square after him. Anti-Gaddafi protesters also held a march to the newly renamed Tim Hetherington Square in his honour.

“Intelligent, warm and handsome, he was both well-respected and well-loved. He was firmly committed; eschewing ‘parachute journalism’ to work rigorously on the subjects he cared about,” Peter van Agtmael, a photographer represented by Magnum said in an article in memory of Hetherington.

Lei Zhong


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