Welsh seafood on display in Belgium capital

Wales has strongly been developing its seafood industry.

Wales has strongly been developing its seafood industry.

Six Welsh companies exhibit various kinds of products on this week’s annual European Seafood Exposition and Seafood Processing Europe event held in Brussels.

Minister for Natural Resources and Food, Alun Davies said “Wales is one of the best performing countries within the European retail market with a growth rate of 6.4% or £310m during 2011-2012.

“Food is a priority for the Welsh Government and we are supporting the industry to develop and move in positive new directions.

“With over 21,000 tonnes of seafood being landed in Wales in 2010-2011, we are embracing new technology and advancements in research and development to put Wales at the forefront of food production.”

James Wilson from the Bangor Mussel Producers, one of the six Welsh companies talked about the first day of the exhibition. He said “The Welsh stand, with six companies exhibiting, was visited in by Lowri Evans Director General of DG Mare – the part of the EU commission that considers all things marine.

“There appeared to be a good flow of people coming over to talk to the exhibitors and all found the day to be very positive.

“It is fantastic to have the opportunity to attend. Without the support from the Welsh Government I doubt that many of us could afford to be exhibiting independently.

“The expo works in a paradoxical way – in one sense it sits at the cutting edge of communication with all forms of social media evident, but on the other hand most new business and contacts are made in the old fashioned way – by meeting and talking face to face.”

He added “That’s the biggest thing about the Brussels event – it is the global showcase that almost everyone attends – all those people under the same roof at the same time, is really priceless.”

The annual European Seafood Exposition and Seafood Processing, which is being held in Brussels, is the World’s largest seafood trade fair. Last year 25,600 buyers, suppliers, media and other seafood-industry professionals from over 140 countries attended the 2012 fair to meet face to face and do business. The fair’s 21st edition is scheduled for 23-25 April 2013.

 Lei Zhong



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