Welsh talents to be revealed in The Voice UK


The jury members of the Voice UK 2 – Image: digitalspy.co.uk

Wales is well represented in the second edition of The Voice UK with talented Welsh singers who convinced the jury during the recent blind auditions. The singing contest has been running on the BBC since March 2012. It is based on the multinational concept The Voice, which was originally first produced in Holland and was then adapted by many countries like the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Switzerland among others.

One of the most amazing contestants is Ash Morgan, 27, who came from Abercynon in South Wales to give an intense performance on The Voice‘s stage. The man seduced every member of the jury with his cover of “Never Tear Us Apart”. After a soft beginning full of emotion but very precise, Ash raised in power and tone. The singer managed to reach amazingly challenging high notes, showing the coaches all his technique and talent.

Another great singer is the young Elise Evans from Neath who is only 18. Elise performed an amazing and very energetic cover of “Something’s Got a Hod on Me”. She convinced all four judges, but coach Tom Jones was the first one to turn his chair to admire the performance.  The young girl showed a perfect voice control through the whole song. A beautiful song for a beautiful and very promising singer.

A Welsh duet called Diva also joined The Voice UK after their successful blind audition. The duo is composed of two 41 and 43 year-old best friends from Sunderland and Newcastle respectively. Both women offered a lively duo of the song “Tell him”. Their duet sounded amazing well and brought a new expression to the song. Both of them can make their voice stand out while singing alone but in the same time, the voice can also enhance the emotion while singing together.

Another duo was selected, in a very different style. Carla & Barbara from Cardiff and Epping performed an opera song in front of a surprised audience. Carla Manley is actually a professional opera singer who was formed at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. It was easy to hear how much technique and experience she has. An experience Barbara doesn’t have since she started singing at 38. All coaches turned their chair to recognize this amazing performance.

One Welsh singer got more chance than last year. Alys Williams a busy 24-year-old mum from Caernarfon didn’t make it through the first edition of The Voice UK back in 2012 when she performed a cover of “Someone like you”. This year she’s back with more confidence and strong ambition to prove the UK she’s worth it. She performed a touching cover of “The Cave” which suited perfectly her very cute Welsh accent and finally convinced all four coaches.

The last singer left the audience with her strong characteristic. Katie Benbow, 20, from Dyserth distincts herself from the others by her particular style. She arrives on the stage in a strange outfit and opens her mouth to unveil a strange unexpected voice. The jury seems very surprised by her way of singing, which is completely different to what the public is used to. Coach Jessie J said: “It’s so different. I can’t tell if I like it.” Finally after a long controlled note, Jessie J turned her chair for Katie.

Coralie N’ch


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