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We’ve tried it: Splash your life with FX Photo Studio

This week The Archer introduces the photo editing app called FX Photo Studio for ios with several innovative enhancements and is believed can attract more users.

It is free, user-friendly and provides loads of photo effects, which are very popular among a large number of followers.

"Burnt paper" effect, one of all the 190 available

“Burnt paper” effect, one of all the 190 effects available.

It has been updated to the newest 5.1.133 version, which features support of maximum iPhone 5 resolution and the creation of your own FX photo studio library.

Before the update this app has already been viewed by many ios-users as the finest photo-editing compared with many others, with nearly 1000 reviews rating four stars out of five.

When you open the award-winning app, you will be faced with a simple and fully functional page. You can choose to take a photo immediately, import your photos from Facebook, or open the camera rolls on your smart phones or tablets.

Once you choose the picture, you will be provided with the option to crop your photo. You can proceed ahead anyway.

Then the merits of FX will all be shown in front of you: splash your photo with color, add texts, or add a highly customizable effect from all 190 filters available. You will surely need some time to dig around before you can become a veteran FX Studio creator.

Or, you can even pay only £1.49 to get an all-star pack which includes effects like Hollywood, colour strokes and colour lenses, adding another 33 effects to your colour arsenal.

You can share your creations via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, or email to all your friends and show them how amazing and colourful your life is with FX Photo.

 Feiyi Lin



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