Taxi safety check needs to be stepped up

Annie Yang and  Jennifer Zou


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Taxi drivers who failed to guarantee the condition of tyres are risking passengers, other road users and their lives, warned by police.

Officers from South Wales Police commercial vehicle unit found 10 out of 17 taxis with defective tyres when they were conducting routine safety checks in Neath and Port Talbot on Friday.

The checks included lights, tyres, first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

The Cardiff MOT & Service Centre (CMSC) warns that problems with brakes and tyres would be caused if drivers failed to insist the one year test.

“This may lead to potential hazards to the drivers and passengers. It is very dangerous,” the CMSC added.

A Taxi driver from the Dragon Taxis said that they need to get a licence from Cardiff council and the police have the authority to do random check on streets.

“An MOT test is needed as well”, he added, “This is to ensure that our taxis meet the safety standards required by law.

The MOT scheme is the ministry of transport, according to which every vehicle in the UK needs to be tested each year. An MOT test is essential when the vehicle is more than three years old.

Every week the drivers must hand in a letter, including all the consumption fees like gas and petrol.

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Last year seven people were injured in a taxi incident in Cardiff.



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